[A cycle of short films composed for Derek Webb's Feedback]

Available for purchase here: derekwebb.com/store/feedback

More information on the film: feedbackfilm.com/about

More information about Derek Webb and the Feedback Project: derekwebb.com

Directed by: Scott Brignac
Director of Photography: Cody Bess
Produced by: Scott Brignac, Cody Bess, Ryan Booth
Shot by: Scott Brignac, Cody Bess, Ryan Booth
Edited by: Scott Brignac, Cody Bess, Ryan Booth
VFX/Compositing: Scott Brignac, Cody Bess
Associate Producers: Ben Fuqua, Mickey Brignac, Jaye Townsend
Line Producer: Sarah Haas

Music by: Derek Webb
Sound editing by: Bob Boyd

Starring: Melody Herrera, Ryan Fuselier, Catie Torn, Lee Stringer, Caroyln Gilroy, Daniel Fox

Special Thanks:

Derek Webb, Melissa Brignac Jess Bess, Anne Booth, Sarah Haas, Ben Fuqua, Mickey Brignac, Sandi Brignac, Lee Staiger, Debbie Staiger, Lee Stringer, Cliff Young, Danielle Young, Allan Heinberg, Andrew Causey, Jordy Wax, Chase Smith, Brian Long, Ceci Torn, Chris Torn, Sam Torn, Susan Torn, Doug Robinson, Chris Klein, Michael Middleton, Bob Boyd, Andrew Hudson, James Coe, Ryan Anderson

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