Festival of crafts and warfare of Baltic region tribes Apuole 854

2011.08.27/28 Apuole, Skuodas, Lithuania


"Apuole was the ancient Curonian capital mentioned in sagas and chronicles. For centuries Curonia was the place where Vikings faced the hard-necked battle-seasoned nations – the Baltic tribes.
The Rimbert chronicle tells us about a great battle, which took place on the Apuole mound in the year of 854. The king of Sweden Vikings Olaf gathered a great army and beset the Apuole castle. The Curonians started to defend Apuole with great power. Eight nights and eight days they fought without sleep. On the ninth day both sides got tired. The Apuole steward spoke with the Viking king. The Curonians agreed to give to the Vikings part of the spoils, which was taken from Danish Vikings few months ago. They shook their hands and the Vikings left the Curonian coast forever.
In the year of 2004 we lighted a fire on the Apuole mound and after 1050 years the Apuole battle horns have sounded again. War songs and battle sounds spread all over Curonia. There was a great battle in the daytime and a wild feast during the night.

Apuole, a great mound, is located in the very Northwestern corner of Lithuania, surrounded by two streams and swamps and vestured by the wall of centuries-old oaks and maples. You will not see any sign of nowadays civilization from the Apuole mound. Everything is like 1050 years ago, just the wind sings in the crowns of the oaks. It’s the great place to rest your body and soul. It is a place where you can feel the existence of your ancestors, enjoy with them beer and meal and share their wisdom."

Music: Digis & Filtered Tools feat. RASA SERRA "Lakštingala"

Canon Kiss x4
Canon EF 70-200mm 1:2.8 L IS II USM
Manfrotto 679B
Adobe Premiere CS5
CC: Magic Bullets

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