EDIN AZIZ reads his poem "Weightless"

Written by: EDIN AZIZ
Performed by: EDIN AZIZ

Directed by: EDIN AZIZ
Editing and Sound by: EDIN AZIZ

0000 - Weightless

"Wayward on through the dense fog of solitude and bittersweet madness,
There is nothing left but despair as apathetic sentiments color the morning air,
And suicidal thoughts persist in the form of eternal echoes and inane dreams -
Self-loathing forever lingering about in the halls of a hollowed out membrane,
Complex arrangements of geometric shapes imprinted in fields of maize,
Resemble patterns of scattered nanoliters of synthetic telencephalic acid,
I am hovering off axis as I tilt - incapable of balance even for a millisecond,
Levitating in a continuum of repeating cycles that never end so I pretend,
Perhaps midnight will bestow gifts of sense in order to calm the distortion,
“Further analysis needed” - is stated in stacks of papers enclosed in folders,
Heavy is the scarred quad-polar head that rests on these broad shoulders -
Meditating amidst a horde of stampeding wildebeest as I behold Amitabha,
Standing there holding a naked Lotus - beneath an ocean of sacred petals,
And upon entering the amygdaloid:
My physical turns numb as the Sun and I become one,
The Shadow leaves the Self undone -
I can hear the infinite drum beating lullaby hums -
As I picture my unborn Son .. And so, I succumb."

Copyright 2011 © Edin Aziz

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