Alsalam alikum
sorry for no sound in that video.

my name is Mohamed Sakr ,today I'm gonna show u my Xpresso setup to create custom effector.

this effector can transform 1 object polygons into another object polygons.
so whats the difference between this effector ,morph tag ,mograph poly fx in combination with motion inheritance effector.

well..morph tag only work if both objects have the same number of points.
poly fx + motion inheritance effector only transfer position,rotation,scale but cant change the actual polygon shape.

here is my effector which can work with any number of difference vertices,polygons,and can also change polygons' shapes.
u can transform polygons from 1 object to another (my very first test :D)
then i updated it to transform polygons from multi objects into 1 object(that test in the video).
can easily make it transfer from multi objects into multi objects.

hope u like it :) and thanks for watching.

test render

edit:download link

Mohamed Sakr

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