Putting ideas into action…

Pals Allie Scott and Leigh Ann Tollison wanted to drop a few pounds, but didn’t know how to begin,

“A lot of people do have a specific goal it might be body oriented it might be like standing up on my own without using my arms,” says Heather Sines.

Heather is a fitness trainer at the Wellness Center of Cape Coral. She finds people young and old have a common denominator: wanting to get fit. First step: defining a goal. Make it specific and realistic.

“Specifically I’d like to lose 10 or 15 more pounds,” says Allie.

“The other thing I want to do, maybe a half marathon next year,” says Leigh Ann.

Allie and Leigh Ann are on the right track. Second step: find a partner.

“We support each other. If there is a day you don’t feel like it and so have your friend come with,” says Leigh.

A friendly nudge will only get you so far. Sometimes you need someone to crack the whip. Step three…

Work with a trainer, sometimes the gym will provide on for free. They greatly increase your chance for success. Heather works with both Allie and Leigh.

“They have come such a long way. They came from not wanting to work out and me pushing them and pushing them and putting them on machines.”

“I didn’t like to do exercises that I would squat, but she makes you do things that give you results,” says Allie.

Final step: track your progress, and feel free to step off the scale. Consider how much more weight you can lift, how long you can workout and how you feel as a measurement.

“My stamina and my endurance, everything is improved,” says Leigh.

“You think you’re fine and then when you lose the weight you realize how much better you feel,” says Allie.

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