Radiator Hospital rips.

For these musicians – who each play in multiple music projects, its about their art, not their pay. “I wouldn't want the pressure of having to make money from my art,” says Sam Cook-Parrott, the band's lead singer who plays around three shows each week. It's common in the local music community to work in different groups and share members, “We just want to play music as much as we can.”

"We practice and play shows a few times a week, plus I put on shows and listen to records... I have the same connections to music whether I am playing it or in the audience," says Sam.

The Radiator Hospital play traditional punk music – short songs, full throttle – which makes a name like Radiator Hospital ironic, if you're overheating they're not going to help you to cool down.

The irony is just journalistic conjecture, afterall Sam named the band after the sound “Radiator Hospital,” which is the name of a local auto garage he passed on his walk home after interning at WYCE. And that shows the beauty of the punk music tradition – it's not meant to be cerebral at all, the mind is only a distraction, solid punk, like the Radiator Hospital's strike at the voiceless, irrational feelings buried by conventions, et. al.

Set your mind aside for a few minutes - obey your guts, you can hear Radiator Hospital live around Grand Rapids. Check out their Facebook page for dates: facebook.com/pages/Radiator-Hospital/176558109029693

and visit their website for music and show dates myspace.com/radiatorhospital

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