"A Reel Experience"
Cast One: Steve Weiss, Philip Bloom, Peter Hawley, Steve DaDouche
In the last webisode, "Web of Opportunities", Steven Dadouche’s idea of taking on other jobs in order to fund a film career was cut short, but with the release of webisode two, "Reel Experience", the Fellas begin to reminisce on their past experiences, hardships and roles as young filmmakers working in the biz. They discuss how important it is to utilize any avenue of learning such as; film schools, courses, mentors and the internet in order to advance your knowledge.

“Every job you do, you learn something and you become a better filmmaker” Steve Weiss, Director

This time at the table, the Fellas stress that experience and time behind the camera is what counts. So, hop back into the conversation and watch webisode two, A Reel Experience.

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