Tom Clavin delivers powerful remarks and answers numerous questions during his reflection on "Last Men Out: The True Story of America's Heroic Final Hours in Vietnam". Clavin touches on how he first got started with the book, with his tour of Vietnam War artifacts and documents at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

"Last Men Out" focuses on the 11 U.S. Marines that stayed at the U.S. Embassy while the 150,00 troop North Vietnamese Army was entering Saigon. The 8 surviving members of that group provided details and statements into those final frantic moments. Added with recently declassified documents, research at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library, and radio transmissions from pilots, the book provides a first-hand look into what President Ford would call his darkest time as President.

With President Gerald R. Ford's order to evacuate the city, planes and helicopters lifted thousands of South Vietnamese citizens, U.S. citizens and U.S. troops to safety. In the final hours before the Fall of Saigon though, 11 young Marines stayed behind and voted to make a stand and help save as many as possible. Helicopter pilots raced back and forth to pick up as many as possible. With the airport destroyed by the advancing army, the only way out was from the U.S. Embassy.

Clavin's evening at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan truly points to a historic moment in our country's history, which many Americans remember from watching on the TV. "Last Men Out" is a gripping reflection on the end of the Vietnam War and of the heroic way in which those involved did their best to complete their mission

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