NELL is a project done by the carnegie mellon university.
The goal is to create a machine that can learn to read and understand like a human. They programmed an AI that crawls the web and tries to get the chaotic results into something structured and reasonable.

it does quite good at this task. However sometimes it makes bad mistakes like

"I think Bill Gates is a gold fish" and is quite sure that this statement is correct but is in fact completely wrong.

I thaught thats interesting, because it feels a little bit like our human behavior. How and what we learn builds our vision of reality. So in some kind this ai does the same.

What I did was to read out data published on the project's website and make a little quiz out of it. To make it more personal there is some motion recognition going on so questions only pop up if someone is standing in front of it.

The project was done in the fourth semester at the university of applied sciences in Treves, Germany.

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