Static Tongues Industries Presents:

"Step Into the World With Your PAL198X"

Pick up your own PAL198X only at

Written by Dr. Alan Palombro, PhD.
Directed by Dr. Alan Palombro, PhD and Johnny Woods.
Music written and performed by Alan Palombro, PhD / Neon Indian.
Editor: Johnny Woods.
Director of Photography: Stefan Fernandez.


Dr. Alan Palombro, PhD as himself.
Leanne Macomber as "Clarissa".
Jason Faries as Scientist #1.
Ed Priesner as Scientist #2.
Josh McWhirter as Scientist #3.

Filmed at the Static Tongues Amplidrome Facility, Arctic Circle, Earth.

For our friends outside of the United States go to the Rough Trade shop to get your PAL198X.

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