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En un lugar de La Mancha existe un pueblo cuyo nombre rinde homenaje a su creador. Llanos del Caudillo es uno de los 300 asentamientos construidos por Franco en los que el nuevo hombre fascista habría de nacer: “el hombre antiurbano y antiobrero, apegado a la tierra, temeroso de Dios y devoto al régimen, del cual es deudor de todo: casa, tierra y trabajo, bajo el control del partido.”

“Los Colonos del Caudillo” es una revisión del legado de la figura de Francisco Franco, una mirada hacia el pasado que nos ayuda a encontrar las claves del presente y entender un país en el que la figura del dictador aún persiste.

Somewhere on the high plains of La Mancha in Spain resides a village that carries the name of its creator, Francisco Franco. The translation for the village’s name Llanos del Caudillo is The High Plains of the Caudillo. Caudillo is the equivalent to the German Fuehrer (Hitler) or the Italian Duce (Mussolini). Llanos del Caudillo was one of over 300 settlement villages built during the dictatorship of General Franco between 1939 and 1975. The ideological goal of these communities was to create the new fascist man.

"Franco’s Settlers" is a review of the legacy and prevalence, apparent or hidden, of Francisco Franco's figure, a glance at the past in order to find the key to the present and to understand a world where the figure of the dictator persists, even nowadays.

José Utrera Molina, Felipe González, Santiago Sánchez, Juan Aranda, Eugenio Bascuñana, Wenceslao Chamero, Ana Romano, Antonio Rubio, Joaquín Romano, Manuel Romano, Karin Brandt, Cristóbal Gómez, Isidro Sánchez, Esther Almarcha...

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"The screening provoked a spontaneous ovation to honor a rigorous and humorous film".
(Enrique Müller, El País)

"Franco's Settlers could be a very important contribution to how Spain deals with its dictatorship".
(Andreas Fanizadeh, Die Tageszeitung)

"Rarely a movie has been so much in sync with its times. Franco's Settlers puts the finger on the sore spot."
(Rafael Poch, La Vanguardia)

"An important movie to better understand the current situation in Spain".
(Walter Haubrich, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"A documentary that will surprise many people".
(Felipe González, President of Spain 1982-1996)

"An exact x-ray of current Spain".
(Emilio Silva, Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory)

"I invite the filmmakers to Strasbourg to show it to the court as evidence".
(Carlos Castresana, Prosecutor of the Spanish Supreme Court)

"An excellent film and history lesson. Amazing how the film takes us into present day Spain. Very creepy."
(Dominik Wessely, Professor for Documentary Filmmaking)

"A rigorous and emotional film. History told from the ground up. The film has to win the GOYA AWARDS."
(Sergi Doladé, Director of Medimed Film Market)

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