A short, ambitious film we made while I was art director at Capacity.tv

For more info, go to alexmapar.com/#1281171/Upgrade-Mobilize and capacity.tv

Role: Art Director, storyboards, lead compositor, lead effects, matte painting, motion graphics.

Studio: Capacity
Creative Director: Ellerey Gave,
Art Directors: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar, Ted Gore,
Designer Animators: Ellerey Gave, Alex Mapar, Benji Thiem, Mitsuka Thiem, Jonathan Larson, Kenny Lutz, Ted Gore, Aaron Schurman, Anais Hong
Soundtrack & Foley: Plaid
Additional Audio: Dave Hummel

*This is the unsubtitled version, which I prefer. For the subtitled version go to the capacity.tv.

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