Tucked into the Jucy condo that we parked up tight in the bushes at the base of the hike path to Temple Basin. The windy, rainy snowy night turned into the morning very quick. A cup a tea and Nature valley bars crushed with yoghurt and banana for breakfast and our day begins.
We head to the Goods lift located 800 meters down the highway (head west away from Arthur’s Pass). Handing our gear over to Anna The good lift operator who assures us the gear wont blow away as she smiles, Its kinda nice to get your gear lifted to the top leaving you to enjoy the steep hike which takes a good 45 mins worth taking it slow thought to fully enjoy the surrounds.
We made it to the Hut and Checked in Meeting the legendary Todd Windle who manages Temple Basin.
Temple Basin is club field so no lifts just tow ropes and the famous nutcrackers, we unload and hang in the day lodge till lunch Hoping the snow soften up by the afternoon. At Temple Basin the cleaning/cooking duties are split up amongst the guest everyone who stays here contributes makes for a super friendly environment.
The rain from yesterday has left an icy layer coated in a thin layer of fresh snow, Ryan decides it’s too much of a risk to go riding as his back is still on the mend and I bump into Anna the good lift operator and she show’s me about the mountain.
Anna rips by the way, faster than me equipped with an ice axe I was excited to see where we head for the day. After a few runs for fun we get the hang of the fresh dusting of snow and in some places you could even chuck in a fast controlled line spraying Pow Pow About the place.
We decide to hike for it, get higher and find a little chute, Unfortunately it was wind affected, very icy but smooth we point it as the line plateaus out to flatness before dropping into anther line where the snow was better about 5cm fresh and soft base form the sun. We rode this all the way to the hut and that was the day.
Overall Temple Basin has opened my eyes, I cant wait to experience this place after a dump of snow if you don’t ski then I think a split boarding is the way to go.
Check Out these Events At Temple Basin.
Black Diamond Big Mountain Chill Series 2nd - 4th September
Winter Speed Flying Boogie 11th - 17th September
NZ first Split board Festival 17th - 18th of September
Beach Party 1st - 2nd October

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