ESR Annual Leadership Conference: Seeking the Core of Quaker Leadership
Innovate or be lucky: that often is the choice facing leaders who are called upon to lead change in an organization. Fortunately, there is a skill set leaders can learn to become more innovative. The innovative process is risky and failure often results. Our advice: fail fast! The trickiest part of innovation can be the “fuzzy front end,” namely, determining how to get started. This session uses the real/win/worth roadmap as a process that blends the creativity and discipline needed to be effective.
Alan Kolp is the Moll Chair in Faith & Life and Professor of Religion at Baldwin-Wallace College. Alan is co-author with Peter Rea of the 2006 book, Integrity is a Growth Market: Character-Based Leadership, as well as author of a number of spirituality books. He taught at Earlham College and Earlham School of Religion; for six years he served as Dean of ESR.
Peter Rea is the Founding Director of the Center for Innovation & Growth and the Burton D. Morgan Chair for Entrepreneurial Studies at Baldwin-Wallace College. His primary teaching and consulting areas include strategic planning, marketing strategy and business ethics. Peter Rea and Alan Kolp continue to collaborate as they joined their global business friend, Pierre Everaert, in writing a new book, Igniting Innovation with Integrity: Following the B.R.I.C. Road. This book grows out of their experience teaching and leading seminars around the globe, but focused primarily on Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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