Whoa, there was a lot that went on this weekend. We had racing Friday night, Saturday and Sunday to watch and catch up on. There were a few racers that were very active, as they raced the EX Friday Night in Indiana and then the Tennessee Knockout on Sunday in Tennessee. When that much money is on the line in one weekend, you need to make it happen.

Round 3 of the GEICO Lucas OIl Endurocross Series moved to Indianapolis, IN on Friday night to be a part MotoGP Weekend. Going in,Taddy Blazusiak was on a roll. With two wins, he was the expected rider to win Round 3. He didn't disappoint as he again had a commanding victory over the field. The X Games podium repeated itself as Mike Brown and Justin Soule were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Cody Webb was challenging for 3rd for awhile, but Soule edged him out on the last lap to secure third.

The Tennessee Knockout is a new style format race labeled the 'American Extreme Enduro'. There were 4 rounds of competition, some against the clock and some head to head. The number of competitors got smaller and smaller as you moved through the rounds and riders were 'Knocked Out'. Mike Brown and Cody Webb seemed to be the most consistent on Sunday at the TKO and it showed in their results, though Webb had to pick himself off the ground in the first turn. Mike Brown won the first TKO and Cody Webb took second. Bobby Prochnau, though he had some trouble in the last round, still made it on the podium in third place. Cool race, interesting format and with a few small tweaks, this could be a great race to add to your calendar every year.

The second to the last round of the National Enduro Series was as well held on Sunday, in Zanesville, OH. Nick Fahringer made it three wins in a row and Thad DuVall made the switch to a 2 Stroke which placed him second on the podium. Fahringer didn't have this win locked up when starting the last test. But he didn't hold back and came away with a large lead over Mullins and one second lead on DuVall. Cory Buttrick rode consistent as well, getting himself a third place finish on the podium. This leaves Mullins in the lead, one point over Bobbitt going into the last round on October 1st.

There is a lot that could be said about the racing that took place Saturday in Southwick, MA. The American Honda riders had an up and down weekend. Both of their riders DNF'd Moto 1 due to mechanicals and then Barcia wins Moto 2 while Reed DNF's with bike troubles. Ryan Dungey took an easy win in Moto 1 with the Ginger Ninja putting the pressure on. Moto 2 was a bit different as Villopoto got a bad start and Dungey didn't have a bike. With about 20 seconds to spare, Dungey got his bike and made it on to the track. From this point, it was all to minimize the damage. He rode what is possibly the best race of his life and only lost one point in the title chase to Villopoto.

Making your way a bit more local to Texas, TORCS started back up at the Rio Bravo Motocross Park in Houston, TX. There was a good amount of lead changing in this race. The holeshot went to Austin Boney, but he was passed early on by Martin Howell. Howell was then passed about 40 minutes into the race by Brad Kammer. Josh Young stayed strong in the +100 degree heat and made a last lap pass on Kammer for the lead. Sounds like there was some good racing and Josh Young earned his first place finish. Brad Kammer and Martin Howell finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Morgan Moss, a favorite coming into the Spring Hill Plantation race of the LACC, was the Overall winner. Coming from the second line, since he lines up in the XC2 class, he passed the entire XC1 field to come away with the win. Local boy from Pittsburg, TX, Bryan Vaughan, was the top XC1 rider on the day and second Overall. Andy Beebe was the XC1 holeshot winner and held off the field for awhile, but settled for second in the XC1 class and third Overall.

This coming weekend could make or break some championships. The AMA Lucas Oil Outdoor Motocross moves to Round 11 at Steel City. If Dungey can get both Moto wins, he could be one step closer to another championship. But if Villopoto can edge him out, even by one spot, he is gonna start to close the door on Dungey.

In Texas, we have both TCCRA and TORN this weekend. TCCRA is in Denton, TX at Brian Storrie's property and TORN is in Callisburg, TX. Cameron Ishmael wants to fight hard for both overall's and is going to try to make both races. Good luck to all this weekend and we look forward to the racing and results. We'll see ya next week and remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome.

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