August, the summer, hot sunny and humid, despite this there is still some very good climbing to be had, A short month this month due to the vacations and lots of friends being around.

Its all about getting out early, for our send of symbiose which is very sloppy, we were there at 9am which is not that early but early enough before the sun hits the rocks.

Still playing with the new camera, so some of the footage aint great, but I am learning


Neil Hart
Andy valentine
Mark Bryant

Tntation assis 7b
Retour aux soures 7a
onde de choc 7b
Le 13eme travail d'hurcule 7a+
Indestructible 7a+
Le P'tit herisson 7a
Hibernatus 7b
Baloo 7b
Symbiose 7c

Flobots-The Rhythm Method

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