September 7, 2011


Tom Fool are We? The third innovation born from the collaborative efforts of designer Lindsey Thornburg, photographer/director Olivia Malone and director/editor Crystal Moselle follows two mischievous “clowns” as they gallivant through the countryside. The films inspiration comes from French new wave films and psychedelic directors such as Jean Rollin and Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Keeping true to their family style team ethics Moselle’s father Charles Moselle, joined the team to write the score for the film. The movie stars Cailin Hill from Ford for models and Marianna Rothen from Fusion. 
Olivia Malone has shot for Elle, Dossier Journal, Bullett, Dirty Durty Diary, Nylon and Foam magazines. Crystal Moselle has collaborated with Spike Jonze, shown at the Whitney Museum and has worked with editorials such as NYtimes, V and Nowness.

Lindsey Thornburg was raised in Aspen Colorado and went on to study philosophy in Santa Barbara. While attending design school in Los Angeles she began creating her first dress collection titled Fabric. Lindsey Thornburg moved to New York in 2003 and continued to devise dresses under this monkier. In 2006, after returning from a trip to the Peruvian highlands of Machu Picchu, with much inspiration from the indigenous attire and her vast collection of Pendleton blankets she started to create her cloak collection.
In addition to the Cloaks, Fall Winter 2010 Lindsey released her first full ready to wear collection. Seasonally continues to add a selection of unique pieces growing her collection.
Her collections has received accolades from such publication as New York Times Sunday Styles, Elle, Vogue China, Teen Vogue,, The Satorialist, V magazine, Dazed and Confused

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