Today on Boing Boing I saw Andrew Kolb's illustrated children's book based on David Bowie's Space Oddity.

What a great idea!

You can find it here:

Andrew's style of art reminds me of my favorite animator from my childhood, David McKee. McKee made children's programmes for the BBC such as Mr Benn, King Rollo & Spot The Dog.

As a tiny passion project and a challenge to myself, I decided to animate his illustrations to the song in under 5 hours - in the style of animation that I used to watch as a child.

It's not perfect, but then I completed the video from start to finish in 4 hours 30 minutes.

Good luck to Andrew and I really hope he gets his work published as a children's book.

Copyright Disclaimer: This video was made & uploaded online as a way of creating awareness & commentary of Andrew Kolb's children's book concept as well as David Bowie's seminal song. However, as discussed in the New Yorker about this very video - it could be argued that the act of posting the video is an infringement of copyright law. From my point of view - I've posted this video on Vimeo with the intention of providing commentary and criticism for the public interest within the "fair use" loophole of copyright law. Neither I, nor Andrew Kolb have made any intention to profit from this idea and therefore this video should be allowed to be viewed by the general public within those parameters.

Your opinions & comments on this are greatly encouraged.

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