Throughout life, people seem not to take the time to stop and wonder “What made me, me. What has had the biggest impact on my life”. These are the opening words to my Common Application Essay.

My journey has taken me all over Europe and the US. Currently that journey continues here in Dallas. That impact goes from one country to another; one state to another; one school to another, where my family has always been my anchor. My destiny is both now in the present and in the future. That is what makes me, me.

"We choose our destinies" is one of the lines from the poem in the film and up to a point this is true. However, from what starts out as a simple journey around the City of Dallas to driving through Dealey Plaza, destiny in Kennedy’s case was all together different.

We all know his journey in the literal sense ended there. However President Kennedy’s did not and his road still carries on to this day.

The film Journey is a reminder that life is on the one hand precious and on the other full of destiny. The sudden rudeness of the shots in the film is both provocative and shocking, but it is also a reminder of how the “every day” is at times anything but. None of us knows when and where our journey will end.

As the poem states, one of life’s tragedy’s is “never finding the inner child in us”. My question is did Kennedy find his? Will you find yours? As I grow older, I hope I keep finding mine, because that will make me, me. And equally important you, you.

The 8mm effect? I could talk about the film shot by Abraham Zapruder. But it's best I stop here.

Thomasz Wood. High School Senior. Lakehill Preparatory School.
Dallas. Texas. 8.31.2011.

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