Show Notes:

Coming of age podcast
UK riots
Burning of Miss Selfridge
News – Release the news poodles!
Quiet news week
Releasing messages from rioters to the police
Is this the end of Blackberry, or are they combating negative PR?
Technology and social media get blamed
Only a year out from the Olympics
Blackberry Messenger and it’s role in the riots
Arrests for organising riots on Facebook
New Facebook messaging – alternative to SMS or Blackberry messenger
The funny side to rioting
Ian Clayton – Associate your device with Jazz music and the Chav’s won’t buy it
Do Burberry make Blackberry cases?
Stuck in the 90’s
iOS 5 Beta – BBM-style messaging built in
Apple baking in Facebook and Twitter?
Pat’s kids use Blackberry – BBM is not chargeable
We don’t know what we’re talking about (nothing new there)
BrightTalk problem management summit
Stephen facilitating a panel
ITIL 2011 Roadshow – have you booked your place?
Patrick, don’t say ‘Hitting London’
Speakers include: Shirley Lacy, David Cannon, Stuart Rance, Colin Rudd, Phil Hearsum
Do you have to carry the books home, and will you get stopped for looting?
Looter takes Tesco value basmati rice worth 30p
ITIL 2011 event in Scotland
Put your poodles away James
Main topic of the show – Community
Stephen Mann blog – Giving back to the IT service management community
Chris has a nap
Stephen’s Call to arms;
Recognise that there is an ITSM community with shared issues
Encourage people to offer their time in an coordinated way
Identify what is needed and if there is a need
Pull everything together to give back, leveraging shared knowledge and experiences
Stephen made a clear commitment to offer his services to itSMF UK – Did he do so?
Guest Ben Clacy (itSMF UK CEO)
Poodles are pregnant
itSMF driven by volunteer effort
Service futures group
First joint project between SDI and itSMF
Why haven’t we got an industry standard way of categorising incidents
In Episode 17 – Barclay talks about the need for a common set of metrics
itSMF Special interest groups
Transition management SIG – put together by a wide range of people
Other popular SIG’s – Service level management
New SLM publication available soon – tried and tested templates and examples
ItSMF website member area
itSMF forum
Could vendors fund itSMF verification of tools?
ISO20000 is written entirely by volunteers
Let’s plug the SIG gaps
It’s a big commitment to be involved in a SIG
Vawns Guest - Service Transition SIG
Get Satisfaction
Ken Gonzales HDI blog – vote on what should be discussed
Kevin Holland
Why have previous efforts to collaborate failed within the ITSM community?
Engaged members are more likely to contribute to the community
What’s in it for me?
For a lot of people in service management, it’s just a day job
The next step – Find the areas that create the most pain, and the areas that people don’t care about
Leverage collaborative abilities of social media
Let’s make actionable content available that really helps practitioners
This won’t be the last podcast on the community topic
Chris is watching the cricket
Lost in the poodles

Next ITSMWPROW – September 2011

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