Xasthur and Nachtmystium - "Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)"

Here is the 3rd clip from that epic night of heaviness at The Knitting Factory in Los Angeles. On 26 September 2006, the club hosted Pelican as the headliners (last week's clip), preceded by Daughters (our "parental discretion advised" clip). And, to annihilate the lucky audience's ears into submission from the same night, we have the incomparably piercing voice of Xasthur, singing a Twilight song with Nachtmystium. Or, to better describe Xasthur's voice, I'll quote Pete Majors of Vacation Vinyl: "A raven raping a nun." I think you'll agree that Pete's description is pretty accurate.

For those of you that go to shows late, just to see the headliners - well, maybe this video will make you think twice about doing that in the future, as Xasthur was over and done with by 9:30pm. However, this performance left the audience exhausted, so thankfully there was time to recuperate before Daughters hit the stage with their own brand of aural assault.

Why did this not make it into Blood, Sweat + Vinyl? Good question. Every time I look at this, I ask myself the same question. There simply wasn't time, and there was a lack of other footage, like an interview or studio clips. In the end, when one is editing, you have to choose what best adds to the story - and, with the other bands, I had a lot more footage to back up their stories. But, I'm glad that the clip is seeing the light of day (even if these guys prefer darkness).

And, for those of you that have seen this through other sources on youtube - this is where it actually came from. Enjoy one of the last live performances of Xasthur!

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Kenneth Thomas.
Camera Operation by Kenneth Thomas and Jozo Zovko.
Shot at The Knitting Factory, 26 September 2006.

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