A request video for Sinitus Tempo’s track 'Utopia (my place)' off the latest album Peaceland.

The meaning of ‘Utopia’ is a imaginary place or state of things in which, everything is perfect. Taking this in mind along with the summer feel from the track I felt that it would be appropriate to visualise the song as a ‘hazy summer dream.’ For this I chose focal pulls, bokeh, and a warm grade to help accentuate and support this. The shape split screen was an experimental technique that I may develop?

Filmed on the 550D with the kit lens (not a fan of changing lens on the beach)

Edited/ graded in AE

Get your hands on the free download of the album here and be sure to check out Sinitus Tempo’s Bandcamp in its full entirety: sinitustempo.bandcamp.com/album/peaceland

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