Current low res draft of my MA film.

This project I'm currently in the middle working on was made in response to the economic and socio-political problems in Ireland that lead to the fall of the economy.

The main culprits responsible for the fall of the economy are represented as snakes. Traditionally snakes are well known in Irish folklore through the story of St Patrick and how he managed to banish them from the country. In my film the story of St Patrick is turned on its head as the Irish snake runs rampant.

In the relentless hunt for territory the snakes rapidly spread across the city before tightening their grip. Only when the cage of debt closes and external powers come to monitor the situation do the snakes become startled. Sensing danger they flee into the mist, leaving behind thousands of trapped birds which frantically try to find a way out of the cage.

The film references among others, Ireland's construction frenzy, the entrapment of debt, the occupation of Ireland by the IMF to monitor finances, rapid modernization and social inequality.

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