its 30 odd degrees and thought it was time for a bar-b-que!

this time though, instead of filming everyone eating, I thought I'd film me setting the whole thing up, lighting it and then throwing the meat on.

this i accomplished, right down to catching the match arcing its way onto the pile of pine needles that I was using as kindling.

2 hours later I turned the camera off (once I'd had the obligatory "people-switching-position" dance) and started converting the pictures.

The next day my little daughter told me she'd moved the camera just after I'd lit the bloody thing (but "I put it back where it was", she said!!!).

therefore, apologies for the camera shake in the entire film (and lack of starting point).

found the music on and thought it would fit the general theme: "Local Boogie" by Oblivian Substanshall -

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