A site-specific installation by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz, Alessandro Altavilla, Andrzej Wojtas.


Osmosis is a response to the physical and infrastructural characteristics of 5 Forth Street in Newcastle Upon Tyne, a space carved from one of the main railways bridges of the city.

Osmosis investigates the surfaces of the Culture Lab On Site space as a vehicle for acoustic information, sensed from the outside.
It works as the passage of material from a space with a substantial concentration of sound and events to a dispersed outside.
Osmosis uses the space as a big container of resonance, generated by an horizontal array of 11 piezo speakers placed on the wall, an audio feedback system (2 active speakers, 1 sub, 1 large diaphragm microphone) and 10 window transducers.
The visitors interact with the installation from outside the space, by listening to barely audible sounds and are invited to touch the glass in order to experience tactile sounds emitted by window transducers.


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