The Sideshow is a community-driven event. We are a diverse group of individuals who wish to express ourselves to the Dayton Metro Area. There will be no monetary gain from this endeavor. The gains will be found in personal growth and human connection. The show will be supported solely by the members of our community.

The Sideshow hopes to expose the burgeoning underground art scene and interconnect it with the more established art community. We will bring attention to downtown Dayton through a grand-scaled and highly public display of the art that is so ripe in this town. The event will be free of charge and open to as wide of a population as we can reach. The guests will be at least as diverse as the artists involved. June 24th will be a night to mingle as a city and witness creation through connection.

Laurana Wong ( - - event director
Tiffany Diaz & Richard Diaz - - video producers, video editors
Philip J.D. Ferrari - - music composer

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