A beauty contest: there are millions of them. Women from all countries, all colors and races are there. Beautiful women, all shinny, smile in silk night dresses and bathing suites. One of them is the elected Miss Universe: the most beautiful woman. She is crying from happiness! The result is hard to believe! Quickly instances from her childhood come to her mind. Memories about her mother and father, sisters and brothers, in their house, in her school, and how life brought her step by step, here…up to the moment of being Miss Universe. And how many difficulties in her youth, at home, in school, in a life full of wars, terror, violence everywhere. And how politician play with lives of people, like a chess game, taking decisions in their leather arm chairs, smoking cigars, running armies through countries, where all people need is just Peace. Miss Universe wants a world with NO ARMIES! NO WARS! NO VIOLENCE!

2008, International Festival of Experimental Art, Maneje Exhibiton Hall, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2008, Korch, Yaroslavl, Russia

2009, Kayıtdışı, ROXY, Istanbul

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