‘Silk Chroma’ is an abstract ambient visual music work. Silk Chroma has been created as a collaboration between visual music artist Maura McDonnell and composer Linda Buckley. Silk Chroma is inspired by the novella Silk by Alessandro Baricco as a conceptual framework for the creation of a Visual Music colour presentation, with an accompanying electroacoustic musical composition using synthesized timbres. The focus of the piece is to create an
aesthetic experience of colour and timbre. Key texts from Silk were used as inspiration for the visuals and
music. The work is divided into three movements. Section 1: Water Flow Over His Body. Section 2: Silk threads stopped time. Section 3: Birds in Flight. The work is intended to be evocative and explore and evoke some of the sensuality of “Silk”.


Maura McDonnell is a visual music artist, researcher and lecturer based in Ireland. After discovering the power of sound and image by completing a number of experimental audio-visual works in 1997, Maura continues to explore both historical and contemporary visual music work and creates her own visual music pieces. Her style is to work with colour and subtle forms that transform and evolve over time in a metaphorical manner to how music transforms over time. The intention is to create something beautiful, and sensual by using pure image elements and imaginary visualscapes.


Linda Buckley is a composer currently based in Dublin, who writes for both electronic and acoustic
forces. Her work has been described as ""strange and beautiful"" (Richard Dyer on Amhrain Amergin in
The Boston Globe, July 2004) and as a ""fascinating interaction between live sound and electronics""
(Martin Adams on Stratus in The Irish Times, Nov 2006). The diverse instrumentations of her work
include Javanese Gamelan, choir, multi-channel tape, prepared piano and orchestra. Linda is a member of the Spatial Music Collective, dedicated to the composition and performance of spatial music."

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