Canon 5D normal picture profile slightly tinted towards yellows.
50mm Holga lens and sometimes added on top of it a x5 holga wide angle.

The original hole being too small and to even causing too much clean shape and strong vigneting I just cuted it with a pair of small scissor to open it wider and make it uneven. Vignetting should be less an issue on smaller format cameras and dslrs.

Quickly edited in fcp and color graded it to be a bit more away from reality. Stayed in original file format.

The holga lens is ultra soft, reacts a lot to flares .
Focusing is often a wild guess.
Said to open at maximum aperture of 8. I would say 12…
Good in very bright day light outside, inside you need extra light .
The holga lens is ultra soft, reacts a lot to flares .
Very cheap, you pay for what you get ☺
Very light, fun and surprising, don’t bother about scratchs or cleaning it (it adds to its personality).

At the end I was very happy using it…

Here are some ungraded picture samples with a holga and a 5D :

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