"If you want a good board, you get it from a good shaper. I've been working with Stretch for over 10 years now to come up with the board I dream of for both kiting and surfing. For me there is nothing better than surfing in the mornings and then jumping straight on the same board for kitesurfing in the afternoon." Josh Mulcoy

BWSurf is the only Surf Specific brand building kiting equipment in the world. We're all riders with a huge passion for all things kite and surf. Shop online now at bwsurf.com

Kites - shop.bwsurf.com/t/category/kites
Bars - shop.bwsurf.com/products/undertow-bar
Boards - shop.bwsurf.com/t/category/surfboards
Accessories - shop.bwsurf.com/t/category/accessories
Spares - shop.bwsurf.com/t/category/spare-parts
2nd Hand - shop.bwsurf.com/t/category/2nd-hand
Coaching Camps - bwsurf.com/kiteweek

twitter - twitter.com/Benny_Wilson
Instagram - instagram.com/bennywilson
Facebook - facebook.com/BenWilsonSurf

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