As most of you are probable aware the global temperature has fallen slightly since 2000 and thanks to added carbon dioxide in our atmosphere the planet is greening up. Satellite footage over the last few decades show many deserts are shrinking as more plant life thrives with added CO2 (plant food). That's right, CO2 is plant food and not a deadly toxin as many naive Greenpeace activists would have us believe. CO2 is only a small part of the total greenhouse gases with watervaper coming in at around 70% of the total. Rooting vegetation, insects, volcanoes and the oceans all individually give of far more CO2 than humans with our contribution of the total greenhouse gases at less the 0.05%. Despite the scientific facts showing that CO2 is essential for life on the planet and it has very little effect on temperature there are many who have an anti industrialization Marxist bent who would like us all to pay huge taxes to address a none event.

Here is what Maurice Strong an associate of international bankers and founder of the UN environmental program who mentored Al Gore said in his opening speech at Rio earth summit 1992.

Isn't the only hope for the world that the industrialized civilizations collapse, isn't it our responsibility to bring that about.

Personally I think his cheese has slid of his cracker but sadly there are many who buy into all the anti CO2 propaganda.
Once it all blows over many of these people will need deprogramming and a good psychiatrist.

Since CO2 is plant food and essential for life on the planet (remember 3rd form science how plants take in CO2, use the carbon to bulk up and release oxygen) then if we truly want to be green, more CO2 is the way to go.

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