Yet another Dune Apartments view from start to finish ;)

Some people asked me why composing trees separately. First of all, my machine wouldn't handle everything being rendered in one sitting ;) Secondly, I had to make several facade variations for the building behind those trees, so instead of rendering everything again, I just render the top part of the building and paste it behind those trees.
One thing that helped me to be so flexible with the file (changing facades) was to have all the modifications on separate layers. So all color balance, level and saturation layers were made separately with masks. I just changed the layer below everything else and voila!

I know that those videos don't show much- they were ment to show you what is the base image behind those finished views and what are the steps in the process. So if you'd like to know something in particular, let me know.

Kind regards,

Jakub Gramczynski

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