This mix was for the And Now Something Completely Different gig in a small cinema (Mu Mesons Archive- in Sydney. The brief was to show videos (found film) sourced from the net into an eclectic experimental blending of music and video. With the Monty Python theme I couldn't resist adding a touch of humor & irreverence.

01 - Intermission for a Albertross on weed (DJ Cheeba)
02 - DJ Spock on the Wheels of Steel
03 - We Came To Party (DJ Irie)_
04 - Shaun Of The Dead (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
05 - Tony Rudd_Machadaynu (Freelance Hairdresser's Silly Focus)
06 - Skynet Symphonic (Terminator 2 Remix) Pogo_
07 - Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time (Benny Benassi Remix)
08 - Conrad Pooh's Dancing Teeth (Hexstatic)
09 - The Gas Man (Bottom) Guru Mediator_
10 - Masterchef Synesthesia (Swede Mason)
11 - Living Island (H.R. Pufnstuf Remix) Pogo_
12 - Baptasia Super Sunday Master x / Rhymes & Noisia Jungle mix
13 - Make Sure the Prince Doesn't Leave His Room... (Ellise Williams)

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