So to understand what you're looking at above:

1 Sony F3 w/ sLog update
1 Ki Pro Mini
1 set Cooke iPanchros
1 DaVinci Resolve

Objective, to discover where sLog should be exposed, How it should be treated in post, and what the difference between 709 standard Gammas and sLog in post, and acqusition.

From previous testing the F3 w/ sLog clips to white @ 6 stops over key. Using this information i metered the brightest highlights in each scene to +6 stops, JUST touching the clip point ( or what i thought was the clip point). The dark end of the scale fell to where it fell.

The goal being to see how far down you can drag up the image, and how conservative i have to be with using fill light to maintain an image in the black section of the scene.

****Note in the scene where Tom walks from shadow into direct sunlight. His skin was metered from key, to +4 stops. Notice the natural handling of the highlights. Absolutely incredible.

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