Chapters Topics
0:42 What you will need
1:09 Setting up your MTC for printing
2:15 Loading the Mat in the Cougar
2:42 Turning Laser On
3:14 KNK plugin setup
4:23 Talking about Laser Offset
6:02 Clicking Start and Setting Material Length
6:15 3 Point Laser Registration
6:35 Concept of 3 Point Laser Registration
7:34 Use Arrow Keys to Move & Drop down to adjust movement
9:27 How to make adjustments

Download the template -

Get copy of Make the Cut

KNK Plugin needed from Make the Cut website.

Cougar Products

Audio recorded with: AT2020 USB microphone

Video was shot using iPhone4 & ScreenFlow
This topic may not seem easy to do however once you complete this process your print and cuts will turn out great!

If you feel that this lesson has too much details feel free to use the chapter buttons at the bottom to quickly move to the topic you need.

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