Audio Technica ATR-3350 connected directly to the Canon 7D DSLR. Notice the audio levels are extremely high and my voice is distorted. Using the ATR3350 connected directly to a DSLR is not a very good option at all unless you have Magic Lantern for the 550D (T2i), 5D Mark II, or other DSLR.

UPDATE 8/7/12 - Canon has released a new firmware for the 7D that allows control over the audio levels:

With Magic Lantern, you can control the gain control. Since the 7D had automatic gain control (AGC) turned on in this video, the levels are blown way out to -0db.

✏ Convenient way to have on-talent audio without extra equipment
✏ Works very well with the 7D (w/firmware update) or a DSLR that has the Magic Lantern firmware hack (Such as the Canon 5D Mark II, T2i, or others)

✏ Nearly unusable audio because of the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) on the 7D
✏ Only records to left channel with provided 3.5mm connection (simple solution would be to buy a 3.5mm mono to stereo adapter)

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