Thanks for the memory
the hell you put us through
deserves a big f**k you
from bush v gore
to endless war
it really was a coup
so f**k you, george bush

thanks for the memory
you failed and so much more
approvals through the floor
you are the first at being worse
than all who've come before
how inept you are

yes it was hell while it lasted
to see our country so detested
and how is it youre not arrested
it was not fun
so much harm done

and tanks in my memory
they rumble through my dreams
like abu ghraib screams
the countless lies
as good men die
america got reamed
how awful it was

think youre the ministry
get on your knees and pray
make terri schiavo stay
the word of god
you christian fraud
isnt yours to say
how ghoulish it was

goodbye lets make it forever
with your place in history reserved
with such failure its really deserved
just make my day
go far away

sank the economy
deregulation sprees
send factories overseas
export the jobs of working slobs
drive them to their knees
how bankrupt you are

emptied the treasury
cut taxes for the rich
financial bait n switch
a costly war
as bailouts soar
you really found your niche
you f****d us george bush

i was an average worker
then my job, house and wife went away
but my credit card debt's here to stay
no bankruptcy
to set me free

homeland security
the towers that fell down
new orleans left to drown
read my pet goat
watched bodies float
you really are a clown
how clueless you are

how's this for victory
from shock and awe t.v.
to leashed depravity
the dead are hid
no contracts bid
bin laden still runs free
you punk a** george bush

your preemptive war was folly
world sympathy soured to fury
the world court should next be your jury
so many died
you satisfied?

right-wing philosophy
the garbage that they spew
to benefit the few
this cult of hate
we're giving you the shoe
all together once more

u.s. bushectomy
its time for us to cut
this boil from our butt
his public life
under the knife
bye george there goes one nut
so f**k you
f**k you
george bush.

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