Officially this is my second music video but the raw footage was recorded a month before my Wellingtons music video. The Wellingtons jumped the queue as their latest CD was suddenly in every major record retailer in Japan!

Some details about this shoot. The video features the Bitter Sweet Kicks and was shot at The Vault in St Kilda. This is a band rehearsal room that a lot of the local St Kilda bands use. It was dark, pokey and a very confined space. Not exactly the ideal location to make a flashy music video.

After a band meeting, it was agreed that would shoot a performance video. Having seen the band in action and loving their outrageous performances, my aim was to capture the Bitter Sweet KICKARSE essence. It's like being caught up in a rock'n'roll tsunami!

I tried to use the limited dark space to my advantage by shooting certain scenes up close with my fisheye lens and getting the members of the band to jump from an out of focus perspective to an in focus shot. Having witnessed some destruction at some of the Bitter Sweet Kicks concerts and seeing them getting BANNED from certain venues, I felt it was important to have some quick edits of Jack Davies smashing up a guitar. The only thing missing was Johnny Kick's bare arse!

All video footage was captured on my Canon EOS 7D digital cameras using a variety of different lens from a 10mm fisheye to a 200mm telephoto. All scenes were captured in the highest quality Blu-ray 1080p HD Video. I captured the full song five times using a variety of lens and filters. Other scenes of band members playing instruments and the singing were also captured.

Approximately 25 different HD Video clips were captured during the afternoon. The final edit is made up of 42 different cut scenes. Total duration is 2 minutes 59 seconds. HD Video is Blu-ray 1080p quality, with a frame size of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 24-bit colour at 25 frames per second. Audio is from the original master recording of 16-bit stereo uncompressed WAV file, at a sampling rate of 48 khz.

The editing was performed on my 27 inch iMac using the latest version of Final Cut Studio and variety of plug-ins.

Bitter Sweet Kicks are the greatest band in the land. I am so glad to be a part of the legacy that they are going to create.



Production Company:
CarbieWarbie Photography

Bitter Sweet Kicks are:
Diamond Jack Davies - lead vocals
Brendan Charlie - guitar
Chris "how do you pick up hot chix?" Taranto - guitar
The almost always NAKKID Johnny Kicks - bass
Joe Cunliffe AKA Jerry Cola - drums

Stacey Pommer of Vice Grip Pussies has a little cameo as a dead body behind Jerry Cola on drums at approximately the two minute five second mark. If you blink, you might miss it. It's my official homage to WEEKEND AT BERNIES!

And an EXTRA special thank you to Bitter Sweet Kicks manager, Ryan McCluskey.

Director, Final Cut Studio Editor, Camera Operator and Produced by:

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