Curated by Etsy - Berlin

Artwork by Karl Addison & James Bullough.

James Bullough:

Karl Addison:

Artist Karl Addison & James Bullough will be working on their next and largest to date mural in Berlin. The mural is curated by Etsy and will be near the heart of Kreuzberg. Addison's work will entail an elderly women from one of his adventures to Tel Aviv. Her gaze will be towards Ritterstr - she is the idea of life, inspiration & history. Bullough's contribution to the mural will be creating movement and energy both in the background and wrapping it in to the foreground with the elderly lady. Bullough will accomplish this with his trademark arrows and repetition of elements throughout the composition. Their combined work will be tied together with a cool color palette of monochromatic purples with some highlighted pinks.

Photo Credit: Jay Agana -

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