This is the opening sequence from the first episode of the documentary series "PIRATAS, PASTORES, INVERSORES", produced by Carlos Piacentini, written and directed by Federico Palma.

Piratas, Pastores, Inversores proposes a reflexive journey across Patagonia's history and landscape, following the tracks of british influence in the region along five centuries.

An influence set in the background of the dual political and cultural links between Argentina and the United Kingdom; which might be turnt around to understand the place that Patagonia -and Argentina itself- have had in the development of the British Empire.

In a four 26 minutes episode series format, the documentary draws an arch from the arrival of english corsairs in the XVIth century to the current dispute for oil reserves in the South Atlantic; reviewing the british presence in the different steps of exploration, colonization and exploitation of Patagonia.

It was shot on location, showing the environmental and cultural diversity of Patagonia, from the Andes to the Atlantic, from the Río Negro steppe to the Tierra del Fuego channels, from Magellan Strait to Malvinas Islands.

As a project, it was awarded First Prize (Patagonia) in the Federal Documentary Series Contest 2010, granted by Ministerio de Planificación Federal de la República Argentina, Universidad Nacional de San Martín and the Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA). This prize granted the funding for its production.

Production: Carlos Piacentini
Script and Direction: Federico J. Palma
Narration: Coliluan Whewell
Original Music: CaraDaNam (Pedro Zanca y Pablo Ríos)
Photography and Camera: Ty Roberts, Federico Palma, Juan García Lewin
Production Assistants: Cecilia Ventroni, Patricio Simini
Postproduction: Surge Films & Media
Editing: Federico Palma, Cristian Gómez Aguilar, Agustín De Michelis
Sound Postproduction: Trim Sonido (Juan Manuel Ferré, Guillermo Bono y Mariano Flores)
Tutor: Susana Nieri

With interviews to: Ramon Minieri, Pablo Beecher, Pablo Walker, James Lewis, Carlos Bloomer-Reeve,
James Peck, Nelson Gleadell, Mervyn Evans, Tegai Roberts, Fernando Coronato, Denis Chevallay.

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