This summer, ACAD students, alumni and faculty came together to create our College's first Admissions Recruitment Video as part of a new project commissioned by the departments of Student Experience + Admissions, and Communications. The result: a remarkable animated view into the life and work of ACAD students covering all aspects of student life - from snowboarding to sketchbooks!

Directed by Nic Wassill (ACAD BDes 2011) and Ryan Von Hagen (ACAD fourth year student - MADT)

Produced and facilitated by Kevin D.A. Kurytnik
Associate producer Carol Beecher

"Flower Gardens" performed by Chad VanGaalen, courtesy of Flemish Eye/Sub Pop Records (© 2006 Yoko Eno Ltd / Chad VanGaalen. (SOCAN/ ASCAP)

Cinematography, Time Lapse Photography, Animation and Editing by Ryan Von Hagen and Nic Wassill

Technical Assistance by William Dyer and Rod Stuart

Motion Graphics Assistance by Jon Jon Atienza

Students volunteers: Lauren Tamaki, John Gerard, Kate Ellsworth-Clark, Kyle Metcalf, Pierre Quinn, Macy Hippsley, Dylan Mason, Edwin Lim, Justine Anweiler, Nikki Stephens, Laura Kelly, Scott McDougall, Heidi Holt, Leah Nowak, Alana Biffert, Charissa Hong and Ed Colbez.

Thanks to: Erin Beattie (Calgary Tower), Amanda Meador (Encorp Group/ Fashion Central), Dr. Daniel Doz, David Aldrich, marianne Elder, Dennis Budgen, Chad VanGaalen, Ian Russel, Chris Willard, Natali Rodrigues, Dee Fontans, Katrina Chaytor, Michael O'Niell, AnneMarie Dorland, Dan Barnfield, Dale VandenBerg, Stephen X. Arthur, and Robert the Bruce.

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