Scripted and directed by Paul Schaffranke, produced and filmed by Horatio Rybnikar (Harry Hubbard) and is the first of several presentations yet to follow. This spectacular, 7 part video begins by showing the participant the ancient alphabets used to break Etruscan after becoming a 'dead' language over 2400 years ago. Next, comes the decipherments of Archaic Latin inscriptions found in Italy and the program moves into the bilingual inscriptions of Etruscan and Phoenician known as the Pyrgi Tablets. The student is then presented with a Lexicon showing each word origin and meaning. The Lexicon is followed by deciphering the Famous Duenos Script that has eluded scholars for several decades since its discovery. The final portion of the program is the deciphering of the Numerius Tablet considered by some scholars to be one of the most important texts yet to be removed from the Illinois Tomb. A simplistic step by step approach to understanding the Etruscan alphabet and language. Many new complete and accurate Etruscan decipherments released for the first time in world history. A must for anyone studying Latin, Etruscan, Greek, Phoenician or any other Indo-European or Semitic Language.

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Posted with exclusive written permission and by request of Harry Hubbard.

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