Shot on the iPhone, this Lego construction run backwards, was a homemade weekend afternoon project on lo-tech visual storytelling. "The Office" theme music? That was Charlie's idea.

Tara promised Charlie, her seven-year old son and fan of Braid videos, that every time she creates a video for Braid (be the lo-tech variety or a beautifully-produced client brand video) that she would always make one with him, too.

Working in branding, design, writing, communicating – all those fields take a lot of creativity and sometimes there’s not a lot left for our offline and off-the-clock fans – but those are the very same skills that are the most fun to pass along.

Look for more "apprenticeship" videos to come from Braid (and Charlie) here on Braid's Vimeo page and at And ask:what skills are you sharing?

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