Check out this amazing video by Infinity Dose for "Thought Machine" by Autovoice. This track appears on Signifier's compilation, v/a- These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between.

Released on Signifier August 30, 2011
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Signifier's baptismal compilation, "These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between" will at long last be released on August 30, 2011.

This double disc compendium will be available in an exclusive limited pressing and feature mind bending tracks from all of your favorite rhythmic noise, dark ambient, technoid, and power noise artists along with a few relative newcomers that are ready to set the stage for things to come.

"These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between" is intended to capture the best of a wide variety of electronic sounds with an intensity that increases throughout the listening experience. This juxtaposition of anger and release, darkness and light, love and indifference is the stuff of life.

What happens here in the middle, between here and there is what matters most. Take a metaphorical journey with Signifier and become familiar with the signature style of sounds which we hope to perpetuate for a long time to come.

Disc 1: Arrivals

Tonikom- Insence
LAN Formatique- All Fears Unfelt
Aphorism- Deceit Perception Scheme
Normotone featuring Charlotte- Gardens of Sorrow
Zero Degree- Bury Me With Silence
Millipede- The Measure of the Infinite Dance
Tzolk'in- Tlazolteotl (Geomatic Remix)
Ex_Tension- Le Complexe (Significant remix)
Lucidstatic- Once Upon a Time
Vuxnut- And They Repent
OTX- Slam the Door
Embodi- Comatose
Cruise [Ctrl]- 51,201

Disc 2: Departures

Oil 10- Synchro 4 All (Resynchronized Mix)
Lingouf & Di-om- Masse Professor
NXV- Remnants
Kraftmaschine- Nordic Stalking
Syntech- Phi Ton Mai (Club Edit)
Sylvgheist Maelstrom- Banda-aceh
Disharmony meets LPF12- Bruised and Broken
Endif- Dislocated
Dazzling Malicious- All Alone (Instrumental Remix)
Autovoice- Thought Machine
Greyhound- S.O.S. from Overseas
W.A.S.T.E.- Scab Collector
Worms of the Earth- Passing Through the Deep II (Signifier Cut)
Fractured Transmission- Aware — with Autovoice.

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