This world premiere performance dives into an uncharted realm of human expression, as the conscious and subconscious minds of the performers become the very fabric of creation. Imagination becomes tangible, while hopes and fears are brought to life through EEG brainwave scanning technology. This performance was made possible with generous support from the Yahoo! Boost Award. The MiND ensemble (Music in Neural Dimensions) is a new-media performance group that utilizes custom interfaces to explore the mind-machine-music connection.

The traditional paradigm of creativity and art has been as following: there is an artist, a thought process, and fixed medium which reflects those thoughts, leading to the realization of the artist’s expressive vision. Neurofeedback radically shifts this paradigm. Now there is an artist, a thought process, and a dynamic medium that actively interfaces with the very thought processes of the artist himself, a form of expression that drastically reshapes the way we conceive of the creative process. This presents a unique design problem: how can we optimize interaction within a completely intangible instrument? The ensemble hopes to make strides towards a deeper level of understanding of this question, and a significant contribution to both the scientific and artistic communities in the form of software tools and reference material.

The MiND ensemble promotes a richly creative personal awareness in which the mind is the medium.


Ensemble Members:
Robert Alexander
David Biedenbender
Laura Gaines
Annlie Huang
Suby Raman
Sam Richards
Dan Charette

Visual Artist:
Teresa Dennis

Cinematography: Jacques Mersereau

Meditation led by Master Wasentha Young of the Peaceful Dragon School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Chi Kung.

Lighting Design - Jeff Alder
Lighting Support - Charlie Klecha

Front of House Engineer - Matt Rose
Recording Engineers - Peter Raymond, Patrick Wakefield

Video Studio Director - Jacques Mersereau
Audio Studio Director - Dave Greenspan

This performance was made possible with generous support from Yahoo! Labs and Design Lab 1 at the University of Michigan.

MiND Synth - Software Tutorial:

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