Tour Rouge - Alchimie du temps qui passe ED- 6b+ max:
Beautyfull route with many pitches with cracks and corners. The top of the mountain is very impressive from the bottom of the route but there is actually a lot of ledges and from the top the route doesn't look very steep.

1ère pointe des Nantillons - Guy-Anne TD+, 6a+ max:
I already did that route, so we did only the bottom part. The upper part is less interesting. Pitch 3: 6a+ and ptich 4: 6a diagonal crack are outstanding.

Gueule du Diable ED, 6c+ max:
Incredible and fantastic crack easy to protect!! Need to double 0.5, 0.75, 1 and 2.
L1: Perfect 40m crack sustained.
L2: The crux is at the very beginning of the pitch. There is one mouve at the beginning that can be protected by a stopper not easy to place but solid once in the crack.
There is one other move when the crack becomes steeper in the middle of the pitch.

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