What does it take to be one of the NHL's top point leaders? If you ask Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers, he'll probably tell you, hours of intense workout sessions, a disciplined diet, focus on setting new goals and a little R&R before the end of the day.

We spent time filming Claude to piece together a story about his off ice summer routine. As Claude's day started off we followed him to his workout session, "Train Like a Freak" designed by fitness Expert Tony Greco of tonygreco.ca . It was important for us to jump in the mix during this workout session which gave us the opportunity to get up close and really give you the feeling of how intense each exercise is. Shooting with Canon DSLR's really gave us an advantage to get as close to the action as possible. In between exercises Claude actually told me he was afraid I was going to get hit by his skipping rope because I was so close to him.. if you look close enough, you can catch his rope just skimming my lens at 1:24....Glad I didn't get hit!

On this project we teamed up with Miv and Melissa from mivphotography.com who played a key part in the storyboard process while also shooting both stills and cinema mediums for us.

Filmed using Canon 5d, 7d and MKIV's
Cinevate Atlas30, Cyclops & Follow focus

Music licensed through withetiquette.com

Yours Truly

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