*SXSW 2012 - Official Selection for Best Music Video*

In this music video for Porter Robinson's Spitfire, we emulated a videogame style paintball match shot in one take with the Phantom Flex @ 1,000 fps. Dont forget to have a looksy at the chat box ;)

Click link to Tweet: twitter.com/share?original_referer=http://vimeo.com/28817900

Check out Behind The Scenes: youtube.com/watch?v=bPY0b0mVZ5o

Directed by: Saman Kesh
Producers: Ross Levine, Francis Pollara
Graphic HUD: Cosimo Galluzzi
VFX: Alessandro Schiassi (alessandroschiassi.com)
Cinematographer: Justin Gunrari
Editing: Nate Tam
Production Company: Paydirt Pictures
Rep & Special Thanks: Danielle Hinde (Doomsday Entertainment)
Executive Producers: Lanette Phillips, Jon Ker, Jeremy Barrett
Sound Design/FX: Slogan Music

Special Thanks: Nate Eggert, Ethan Benner, Danny Smith, Bobby Avila, Justin Schwarz, Vinnie Palmieri, Ryan Collette, Steff Druckenmillar and of course all the people who got f**ked up from paintballs. And last but not least, Porter Robsinon and gang for a sick @$$ track.

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