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  1. Cannabis

    by Coming Out Green

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  2. Cannabis Carrie Channel

    by Carrie Cannabis

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  3. w33daddict HighTunes & GanjaTunes

    by goOk

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  4. ak

    by Jeannette Vicencio Vera

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  5. CannaVisionTV

    by River Taylor

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    CannaVision.TV was created to help inform and educate people on the truths of the cannabis and hemp plants. http://cannavisiontv.wordpress.com/ Each week, CannaVisionTV brings Education and Information…

  6. Cannabis

    by Matías Rodrigo Cofré Izeta

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  7. MegaMasheyChoonz

    by Jase Carty

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  8. Lifted People Channel

    by Austin Richards

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    Only for those who indulge in Nature's Lettuce. The perfect health food for all conditions. Medical Marijuana to casual smokers, It does't matter if you smoke (Eat)(vape), you are welcome.…

  9. Buenos !

    by Matías Huenupil Aranda

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    Los mejores !

  10. Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll

    by Andris Damburs ☮

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    The title explains everything... it is a place for those who still feel that "flower power" in their hearts... Check out : http://vimeo.com/groups/35mmandrisdamburs • •…

  11. Tryptophanatic Netvision

    by Kaliptus

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    Welcome to Tryptophanatic Netvision. The videos you are about to see may reveal some of the deepest secrets of the universe! The contents herein vary in style, quality, and nature... ranging from…

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