WAR BIRDS Feature Test Footage

Directed by Michael B. Chait


Format - 35mm, Super 35, Mscope HDCAM SR, Redcode RAW 4k, 3k and 2k, Anamorphic and Spherical 2.40

Cameras - Arriflex 535B, Arriflex 435 ES, Arriflex D-21, RED One, Sony EX-1

Lenses - Todd-AO 35 and Clairmont-Scope Anamorphic Primes, Angenieux, Cooke and Canon Rear-Adapted Anamorphic Zooms, Zeiss Ultra Primes, Cooke S4 Primes, Angenieux, Cooke and Canon Zooms

Copyright © 2011 TMU Pictures LLC

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